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  • Solar Physics

    Solar Physics is a science that studies the sun’s atmosphere and its energy. It covers the physics of the Sun’s core convection and radiative zones, as well as the surface. The hottest area of the Sun is its core, where hydrogen is converted to Helium through nuclear Fusion. This process powers the sun’s heat and […]

  • Astronomy – The Science of Observing Celestial Bodies

    Astronomy – The Science of Observing Celestial Bodies Astronomy is the science of studying stars, planets and comets. It’s an exciting and fascinating field that can be very rewarding. Astronomy evolved from a practice of stargazing, which was later expanded to charting celestial objects. It has evolved into an area of study that studies extraterrestrial […]

  • Motion in Physics

    The Importance of Motion in Physics Motion is a vital aspect of Physics. It is evident everywhere, from a ball rolling on an inclined plane to a space probe flying by of a planet. There are three kinds of motion. They are: linear, rotational and oscillatory. Each has its own unique characteristics. Linear motion Linear […]

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